Hello there! My name is Phurtura (Fur-tur-a) and I am an artist from South Florida. I dream of someday having a career in illustration but first I need to create a style and process that I'm happy with ;^^. I have many things going on in my everyday life, but I do my best to make decisions that will bring me closer to my dreams. Here you will see illustrations, W.I.P.s, inspirations, some snap shots of daily life and much more!!!! Welcome :)



Frozen concept art

Love the life that a mere pencil can give to a tiny sketch :)

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Frozen Mermaid

Prints available here ! ♥

Sooo pretty!!!

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Well I’m nothing if not prepared: Our Save The Dates! (I painted them c:)

So cute! Wonderfully whimsical way to invite people to a wedding without being cliche.

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Lined up all the ones I have so far… :D

Stunning work! I love Jessica O-B’s work!!

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Le Nap Dormir 16”x20”

Pen, Graphite on Wood

Absolutely stunning.

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'Boy' postcard prints as well as others in the #WildThings series live on @Etsy! Grab some from Etsy.com/shop/furrylittlepeach while stock lasts x (at etsy.com/shop/furrylittlepeach)

Love it…!!!

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Audrey Hepburn

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